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I really loved most of the song, but the drops in my opinion could have more tracks, like maybe a high-pitched lead like in tria, or continued orchestra sounds like soulstorm. I tend to dislike those weird air-sucking sounds​, and maybe if the dubstep sounds were more melodic, like supernova or Sheol I could spare the last half star. Please make a remake of this in the future.

from Sheol to Event Horizon were in my opinion some of the best songs ever made, Your old songs didn't have enough tracks, your more recent songs need to be more intense, but this, here is pure perfection. Please make more like this!

Wow. This is by far the best sing you've ever made, when it reaches 0:26 it lacks nothing in terms of melody or power. It creates an image in my mind of a dramatic battle on top of a mountain, it perhaps a ruined tower, with lightning and rain in the background. None of the different tracks added were wasted as they create different effects that went together beautifully to create an atmosphere of, well, finality. At 2:47, I imagined the fear in our "hero's" mind as the excitement and adventure wears off and he finds himself in a dragged out, hellish struggle with reality. I think, this experience will change him, There will be no fun, laughing explorer writing a book about his adventures in the village up north after this is over, to one end or another. The style reminds me a little of Xtrullor. This song is the highlight of your music-making career and that is no overstatement.

I absolutely love this new take on your iconic style of music. It illuminates perfectly the line between calm and boring, and while repressive, it still had the sound variation to allow it to sound natural. This feeling is also supported a lot by the ancient Forest sounds, which were loud enough to make a difference, but just quiet enough not to ruin the song. Everything about this short piece was great, and great job combining an ambient, calm atmosphere with your unique style that never changes but never gets old. You get 5 stars from me!


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